To all Hope Hospice Staff
Just want to thank you all (Especially Kristy & April who had direct care of my mother) for your kindness to mom and wonderful care. Everything was in fast forward speed after I called you and I guess I didn’t realize how close to heaven mom really was. I am now gaining strength from God to move on without mom as she would want me to do. You will all always be in my prayers that all your clients receive God’s love by your touch the way we experienced it. I love you forever.
Judy & Harold


Hope Hospice & Staff,
Thank you so much for your professional service and your warm and kind expression of sympathy on my wife’s home going. I’m eternally grateful.

Vera, Allison, Sarah & Deb,
We want to thank you for all the TLC you provided Dorothy through the many months she was under your care. Needless to say, each of you touched her life in your own special way… Vera, in your ability to calm her fears regarding her physical condition; Allison, in the gentle and kind way you bathed her and took the time to do the little things she needed done; Sarah, in the love of life you willingly shared with her. Your vivacious expression of life was an encouragement and strength to her; and Deb, your thoughtfulness and concern for her needs was a comfort. Again, thank you all for the TLC you gave. We know it’s your job but what Dorothy received from each of you was above and beyond a nice job.
Claude & Karen


Your staff and chaplain were a great comfort to me in my hours of greatest sorrow. I shall remember and reflect upon those days when my family and I needed the strength and support to see us through. You were all there for us.

Dear Staff,
Thank you hardly seems appropriate enough. I sincerely don’t have all the words to express how we feel about the concern and affection you have shown us through dad’s stay on Hope Hospice. I appreciate everyone’s love, prayers and well wishes, but your unending giving of your time and encouragement have been overwhelming. Please know that I offer my most heartfelt appreciation and love to each and everyone of you. Thank you for playing such a tremendous part in my dad’s life.
Peg & Don

To All at Hope Hospice,
Laura and I want to let you know that the wonderful care that your organization showed to mom was a very special gift to us. We had no idea that your organization could be such an important part of the care of our mother. We are so very appreciative of what you did!
Roger & Laura


Dear Laura,
My gratitude and thanks to your wonderful team of special ladies. Vera who was the first to take care of Harold and then the dream team; Helen, Patty and Erika. I grew to love Helen, Patty and Erika as I watched them care so beautifully and lovingly towards my husband. Patience, compassion and empathy were constant as they nursed him, bathed him and massaged him. God bless these wonderful ladies who I shall never forget.


Thank you to all of you who guided and helped us along this great journey of faith with my mother, Kay. And although her time in hospice was short, the experience was so very beautiful. Thank you for all you taught me about death, but especially thank you for all you did to make my mom’s final journey so beautiful.


To all the staff of Hope Hospice,
Thank you all so very much for the wonderful care and concern that you showed to my mother in her last days and for attending her funeral. You are all truly special people and we are thankful that you were brought into our lives.
Christina & Gene


To those who cared for our mother during her last days with us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your care not only eased our mother’s comfort but eased our concerns for her well-being. You are guardian angels and we thank you again.
Daughters of Florence


Large families have lots of stories to tell. We lost 3 of our parents in an eighteen month period. Fortunately, we found Hope Hospice. The entire staff was able to help us, support us and care for our parents during those difficult months. I highly recommend Hope Hospice and the services they provide.


They continued to exceed our expectations throughout Mom’s stay on hospice. A friend suggested that we switch to them from another group that we were less than satisfied with. We appreciated the excellent care and communication that the nurse provided. It was nice to work with the same people, day after day. We all built strong bonds and will always remember our angelic team! We appreciate their caring demeanor and kindness that they always provided. I had no idea initially that Mom’s care would improve so drastically. Thank god for a caring friend that wasn’t afraid to share her opinion of Mom’s previous care state, the private caregiver who also attested to Hope’s great care, and lastly, caring.com for confirming that Hope Hospice does, in fact, provide the BEST end of life care available.


Hope Hospice provided amazing care for my Mother during her extended & very difficult illness. Her usual RN & HHA were incredible women of caring, patience & empathy. Being a physician who has in the past worked with a large hospice group in CA, I came to believe that hospice workers are very special people – this was certainly true of everyone I meet at Hope. I felt much more comfortable knowing they were looking after my Mother when I was so far away. The staff of Hope Hospice provided excellent care for my Mother – my Family and I will be forever grateful.

On behalf of our family, especially our mother, we would like to give a ginormous heartfelt thank you to hope hospice for their professional and kind way that they provided care to our father. We could count on them day and night and always proved to be committed to us when in need (which was quite often!). Our care team was AMAZING and provided the best level of care that we could have asked for!

From the first moment we spoke to the social worker who set things in motion, we knew we were in good hands. Professional, kind, intelligent, precise, honest, clear, gentle, wise. They all were all of those. As soon as my mother was accepted into care–and she was already in a wonderful nursing home– things got better, more comfortable. A new mattress immediately, visits often by nurses and aids. The day of her death and the day before were made as easy as possible, too. I miss my mother greatly, as she was a woman of grace and class and my friend whom I saw 2,3 times a week. But I could not do what the hospice workers did, and I am grateful, we all are, for them.
Mary Delphine

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