Our hospice team of professionals and volunteers provide services tailored to fit everyone's needs, wherever a person calls home. We focus on providing personalized comfort care that enables a person to remain in his or her home, and live as independently as possible, surrounded with love.
314-962-HOPE (4673)
St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, & Franklin County

The Hospice Benefit: What it Covers

• Physician & Nurse Practitioner Services
• Nursing Care (on call available 24 hours a day)
• Home Health Aide Care
• Homemaker Services
• Medical Equipment
• Medical Supplies (includes Incontinence and Nutrition)
• Medications Related to Terminal Diagnosis
• Respite Care
• Social Work Service
• Massage Therapy
• Music Therapy
• Spiritual Care
• Volunteer Participation

Indicators One May be Eligible for Hospice Care

• Frequent Hospitalizations
• Frequent Falls
• Reoccurring Infections
• Decrease in Function requiring
assistance for walking, eating, bathing,
dressing or going to the bathroom
• Decreased appetite / weight loss
• An increase in pain, nausea,
breathing distress or
other symptoms
• Oxygen dependence
• Bedbound

The Following Diagnoses May Qualify:

• Cancer
• Heart Disease (CHF)
• Renal Failure
• Liver Disease
• Stroke
• Alzheimers Disease/Dementia
• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary
Disease (COPD)/Emphysema

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